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M50 Spare parts list

 Pos. qty.

Seals/Seal-Sets/Protection material
M 50- Mixer incl. mixing chamber without handle
M 50- Mixer with air injection without handle
M 50-33Set of seals complete for mixer
M 50-33kSet of seals Kalrez complete for mixer
M 50-39sSeal for air injection valve  2 O-Rings Kalrez
Protection material
  PTFE grease,  tube of 60 g (for mat. valve
  Protection grease PU-red,   can 450 g
  Protection grease PU-red,   can 900 g
  Protection oil     5 lt
  Hot cleaner   10 kg  (not classified as toxic)
M 50-1Main body with valve seats and slip ring
M 50-1sMain body complete for air injection
M 50-2Slip ring seal tungsten carbide stator
M 50-3Slip ring seal tungsten carbide rotor
M 50-4O-Ring main shaft EPDM
M 50-4vO-Ring main shaft Viton green
M 50-4kO-Ring main Shaft Kalrez grey
M 50-5Set of spring washers (set 5 pieces)
M 50-6Main (Rotor) Shaft (CrNi)
M 50-7Spring for airvalve
M 50-8Piston for airvalve
M 50-9Impeller extension
M 50-10Air valve body complete (incl. guide)
M 50-10aGuide with O-Ring for airvalve
M 50-10bO-Ring
M 50-11sValve pusher Wolframcarbid (1 pc.)
M 50-11bControl unit without gland seal
M 50-11bkControl unit with gland seal from Kalrez (1 pc.)
M 50-11bvControl unit with gland seal from Viton (1 pc.)
M 50-11vO-Ring Viton (needed 2 pcs.)
M 50-11kO-Ring Kalrez (needed 2 pcs.)
M 50-11tPTFE roll for control unit (1 piece)
M 50-11aSet of gland seal Viton for control unit
M 50-12Nozzle Polyamid
M 50-13Connector for airvalve
M 50-14-4Mixing chamber 4 levels
M 5014-3Mixing chamber 3 levels
M 50-14-2Mixing chamber 2 levels
M 50-14-8Mixingchambre extra
M 50-14 m2Mixing chamber extra small (micro) 2 levels
M 50-14 m4Mixing chamber extra small (micro) 4 levels
M 50-15-4Mixing impeller 4 levels
M 50-15-3Mixing impeller 3 levels
M 50-15-2Mixing impeller 2 levels
M 50-15-8Mixingrotor extra
M 50-15 m2Mixing impeller extra small (micro) 2 levels
M 50-15 m4Mixing impeller extra small (micro) 4 levels
M 50-16Airmotor 5'000 Rpm standard
M 50-18Flat nylon seal for mixing chamber
M 50-19Sealing gaiter for airvalve
M 50-22Valve ball tungsten carbide (needed 2 pcs.)
M 50-25Spring for material valve
M 50-26aSBV flush'n-blow-valve complete
M 50-27Bolt M5 x 16
M 50-28Connector for Aut.- V flushvalve
M 50-29Bolt M5x22
M 50-30Distance ring
M 50-35Material hose connecting block
M 50-36Spring guide
M 50-37Seal ring connecting block
M 50-38-14Hose connector  1/4"
M 50-38-38Hose connector 3/8"
M 50-38-12Hose connector 1/2"
M 50-39sAir injection valve for foam mixers
M 50-39s 1Body air injection valve
M 50-39s 2Outletvalve for air injection valve
M 50-39s 3Precision airflow-valve 2.1
M 50-39s 4Set of seals for air injection valve
M 50-39s 5Bolt M5x25
M 50-29s 6Connector air injection valve
M 50-50Handle with start-button
M 50-51Handle with start- and flushbutton
M 50-52Handle with start-, flush- and blowbutton
M 50-53Footpedal (start) 5 meter cable
M 50-AD-KAusliterkopf
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EPDM    Ketone              (Azeton, Methylaethylketon MEK)
Viton     Methylenchlorid  (halides solvents)
Kalrez   "PTFE-Gum"     (resistant to all solvents, long life)
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