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M45 Spare parts list


 Pos. qty.
M45-1Electric Motor 0.75 kW
M45-2Frequency inverter Omron
M45-2Frequency inverter Lenze
M45-3Back/Front plate + bar
M45-4aCover above nickel-plated
M45-4bCover below nickel-plated 
M45-8Special small belt  B=14.8mm (new version)
M45- Belt B=21mm (old version)
M45-9Pulley resin side (left)
M45-10Pulley hardener side (right)
M45-11Setting screw mixing ratio
M45-11sFix nut    extra strong
M45-12Ball bearing with circlip
M45-13Needle bearing
M45-14Shaft for pulley resin side
M45-14aLocking pin
M45-15Shaft for pulley hardener side
M4516Steel gear 16 teeth
M45-17Novotex-gear 68 teeth with bearing



Precision pump with a double shaft seal. Especially hardened execution also allows the processing of filled systems (chalk etc.). Precise and robust construction pumps for medium and high viscosity. 


Pos.Precision gear pumpAnzahl
M45-Gear pump BPPP (0.4 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BPP (0.64 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BP (0.85 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BM (1.25 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BGPP (2.3 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BGP (4.7 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BGM (6.8 ccm/U)
M45- Gear pump BGG (9.6 ccm/U)
M45-5Pump shaft seal with hexogonal housing
M45-5aShaft seal blue (2 needed)
M45-5dDistance pulley Polyamid
M45-6aHexogonal coupler for gear pump
M45-18Connector block for big gear pump BGPP-BGG
M45-18aConnector block for small gear pump BPPP-BM
M45-19Seal Nylon (for Pos. 18)
M45-19aSeal Nylon (for Pos. 18a)

High-precision pump with a double shaft seal. Hardened execution specially suited for processing and deep viscosen systems and smallest flow. Upstreamd pass filter is recommended. (Pos. 50 and corresponding connectors.)


 Pos.High-Precision Gear pump'sAnzahl
M45-High-precision pump (0.1ccm/U)
M45-High-precision pump (0.3ccm/U)
M45-High-precision pump (0.6ccm/U)
M45-High-precision pump (1.2ccm/U)
M45-High-precision pump (2.4ccm/U)
M45-5pShaft seal incl. house
M45-6Hexogonal coupler for high precision gear pump
M45-20Pump pressure gauge 0-60bar
M45-21Set of bolts for covers
M45-22Pressure reduction valve 0-10bar
M45-23Pressure gauge  0-10bar
M45-24Non-return-valve for pressure on pots
M45-26Air filter and lubricator unit
M45-29aSeal O-Ring for material pressure pot*
M45-29bSeal to Solventtank
M45-29cSeal to materialtank Silicon 4-square
M45-30Security valve for material pressure pot
M45-31Handle for material pressure pot
M45-32Air hose connector
M45-37Hose pot-pump resin side
M45-37aHose pot-pump hardener side (PTFE)
M45-50Filter 3/4 nickel plated + inst. mat.
M45-50aFilterelement to flowfilter
M45-601/2 inch tanktap with 2 double nipple
M45-61On / Off switch
PTFE grease    tube à 60 gr
(Valve, pump shaft, spec. hardener)
Protection grease PU red   can ca. 450 gr (Mixer + gen. maintenance)
Protection grease PU-red   can ca. 900 gr
Protection oil 5 KG (Mesamol-replace)
Hot cleaner   10 kg (not classified as toxic)
* describe styling

If special styling please mail a photo.

EPDMKetone(Azeton, Methylaethylketon (MEK))
VitonMethylenchlorid(halides solvents)
Kalrez"PTFE-Gum"(resistant to all solvents, long life
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