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M20 Spare parts list

Ersatzteilliste M20
  Unit complete 
M 20-17/22Air valve complete
M 20-29Valve insert complete
M 20-38Flushvalve complete (solvent)
Protection material
  Protection grease PU-ret, can 900 g
  PTFE grease for material valve (29-31)
  Hot cleaner (not classified as toxic) 10 KG
M 20-1Main body with slip ring
M 20-1aMain body for foam
M 20-2Slip ring seal tungsten carbide stator
M 20-3Slip ring seal tungsten carbide rotor
M 20-3aRing of distance
M 20-4aO-Ring EPDM
M 20-4vO-Ring Viton
M 20-4kO-Ring Kalrez
M 20-5Set of spring washers (5 pieces)
M 20-6Main shaft CrNi
M 20-7Mixing chamber 2-levels
M 20-7Mixing chamber 3-levels
M 20-7Mixing chamber 4-levels
M 20-7Spray mixing chamber 3-levels
M 20-7Spray mixing chamber 4-levels
M 20-8Mixing impeller 2-levels
M 20-8Mising impeller 3-levels
M 20-8Mixing impeller 4-levels
M 20-9Impeller extension
M 20-10Support spritz/foam
M 20-11Air-valve round jet
M 20-12Spray nozzle
M 20-12aSpray air tube
M 20-12bCounter nut for airvalve
M 20-13aO-Ring Viton
M 20-13kO-Ring Kalrez
M 20-13aO-Ring EPDM
M 20-13bSeal for body flushvalve O-Ring
M 20-14Air-valve (spray + foam)
M 20-14aOutlet valve + air tube
M 20-14bAir tube spray (mixing chamber)
M 20-15Air adjust screw (seal -13)
M 20-16O-Ring Nitril (non solvent fast)
M 20-16aaO-Ring EPDM
M 20-16avO-Ring Vitron für Methylenchlorid u. ä.
M 20-16akO-Ring Kalrez
M 20-18Spring to air-valve
M 20-23Motor box
M 20-24Main shaft material valve
M 20-25Shaft material valve
M 20-26Body material valve
M 20-27Valve seat tungsten carbide
M 20-28Needle valve tungsten carbide inkl. spring
M 20-29/31Valve insert complete tungsten carbide
M 20-30Seal valve-needle EPDM (2 pieces needed)
M 20-30Seal valve-needle PTFE-roll (1 piece needed)
M 20-31Bolt valve-insert
M 20-34Spring for valve-needle
M 20-35Bolt
M 20-36Joystick
M 20-


Joystick for remote-control
M 20-37Handle
M 20-38Flushvalve complete
M 20-39Airmotor with gears
M 20-39aGear for airmotor
M 20-39cBall bearing for gears
M 20-40/38Hose connector  3/8"
M 20-40/12Hose connector  1/2"
M 20-41Hose connector  1/4"
M 20-42Hose connector Ermeto 1/8"
M 20-43Polyamid-nozzle for mixing chamber 1-98 pieces
M 20-4399-499 pieces
M 20-47Handwheel for solvent-valve (metal)
M 20-48Soundabsorber
M 20-49Back pressure valve  ball+spring
M 20-50Air-pipe with back pressure valve
M 20-51Cap
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EPDMKetone(Azeton, Methylaethylketon (MEK))
VitonMethylenchlorid(halides solvents)
Kalrez"PTFE-Gum"(resistant to all solvents, long life)

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