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M10 Spare parts list

M 10-Mixer incl. mixing chamber without handle
M 10-1kControl unit with gland seal Kalrez
M 10-1vControl unit with gland seal Viton
M 10-1okO-Ring Kalrez 1 piece needed
M 10-1ovO-Ring-Viton 2 pieces needed
M 10-1bControl unit without gland seal
M 10-1sValve pusher tungsten carbide (Wolframcarbid)
M 10-1tPTFE roll for control unit
M 10-2Bold M 5 x 10
M 10-3Main body with valve seats and slip ring
M 10-4Air valve body complete
M 10-4aGuide with O-Ring
M 10-4bO-Ring
M 10-5Connector air valve
M 10-6Piston for air valve
M 10-7Spring for air valve
M 10-8Sealing gaiter for air valve
M 10-10-4Mixing impeller 4 levels
M 10-10-2Mixing impeller 2 levels
M 10-11-4Mixing chamber 4 levels
M 10-11-2Mising chamber 2 levels
M 10-14Flat nylon seal for mixing chamber
M 10-15Slip ring stator,  tungsten carbide
M 10-16Slip ring rotor, tungsten carbide
M 10-17eO-Ring main shaft EPDM
M 10-17vO-Ring main shaft Viton
M 10-17kO-Ring main shaft Kalrez
M 10-18Disc for main shaft
M 10-19Spring for rotor shaft
M 10-20Main shaft
M 10-21Airmotor 5'000 Rpm standard
M 10-22Valve ball tungsten carbide (needed 2)
M 10-23Spring guide
M 10-24O-Ring for hose connecting block
M 10-25Spring for material valve
M 10-26Autom. flush'n-blow-valve complete
M 10-27

Bolt M5x16

M 10-29Bolt M5x22
M 10-33Material hose connecting block
M 10-36Bolt M8x25 hose connecting block
M 10-37Distance piece for motor-handle
M 10-50Handle with start-button
M 10-51Handle with start- and flushbutton
M 10-52Handle with start-, flush- and blowbutton
Protection material
  PTFE grease (for mat. valve) Tube 60 gr
(valves, pump  shaft, espezial hardener)
  Protection grease   tin 450 gr (Mixer etc.)
  Protection grease   tin 900 gr
  Protection oil 5 Kg (Mesamoll-Alternative)
  Hotcleaner green (poison free, Korrosionsge.) 10 Kg
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EPDMKetone(Azeton, Methylaethylketon (MEK))
VitonMethylenchlorid(halides solvents)
Kalrez"PTFE-Gum"(resistant to all solvents, long life)
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