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Care materials

Hot cleaner green

Place poison-free Hot Cleaner for metal parts 160-190°C in a chip pan under level for 20-30 min.
Water soluble, poison-free with corrosions protection for aluminium and iron.
Please read separate description before use.

Delivery unit 5 / 10 / 25 kg PE-can   180 kg barrel

Maintenance oil

Care product that doesn't react with hardener, for the daily lubrication of moving parts.

Delivery unit 5 / 10 / 25 kg PE-can   180 kg barrel


Maintenance grease PU

Maintenance grease for the care of moving parts of the dosing machine and the mixing head. Protection against stick together from the Isocyanat-hardener.  (Thread, filter, mixing head etc.)

Delivery unit     tin  900 g


PTFE grease

Special PTFE grease in contact with hardener (moving parts: pump shaft, slider, pusher etc.) Increases the durability. 

Delivery unit   1 tube 60 g


Cold Cleaner

Poisonous cold cleaner. Use only with gloves and in closed metal or polypropylene (PP) containers.
Essential: Read label first. Often the last solution.
Neverless please try to use Hot Cleaner first.

Delivery unit 1 kg


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